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Smith Valley Woodworks was established by Craig Harrigan in 2004.  Smith Valley is near Mecklenburg NY, about a 15 minute drive from Ithaca, and centrally located in upstate NY.   

Together we create beautiful high quality cabinetry which is both cost effective and functional. We offer a wide range of woodworking services,  from design drawings through installation. Our work includes a mix of residential and commercial woodwork in addition to furniture and production pieces.

All of our fine cabinetry and woodwork is designed and produced in a high quality cost effective manner.    Each piece of cabinetry or furniture is custom designed fit to your space.

Each cabinet client receives one-on-one attention and is provided with an in house generated 3D rendering of the final product in its intended space.   The 3000 square foot workshop is outfitted with quality commercial machinery to provide top quality cabinetry in a timely and controlled manner.   Maximum control is achieved by processing our lumber from rough stock through finishing and installation.

Our products are made of prime solid lumber and top grades of veneer core plywood.  Hardwood  panels and fronts are selected individually for color match and beauty.   All hinges, slides and hardware are top of the line.  Metal fittings and upholstery are provided by top local shops and artisans.

We work with designers, architects, builders and homeowners.   Whether you have a design in mind or need professional guidance we can help.  Both modern and traditional woodworking are provided depending on the application and desire of the client. 

We strive to complete all of our work in a timely manner and we pride ourselves on delivering and arriving on time.  

About Craig
As well as being a lifelong woodworker, Craig is a classically trained musician and a graduate of one of the top conservatories in the country.   As a musician, Craig learned impeccable attention to detail and the quest for perfection.     

Smith Valley Woodworks LLC